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Month: January 2016

The Sound of Music Tour

10 years ago marked my first viewing of „The Sound of Music“ Movie with one of my dear American friends. Hard to believe that I had to be introduced to this movie by someone from across the globe, even though I grew up only about 4 hours drive from where some of it was filmed. So last year, on my birthday weekend, my sister and I took the drive to go explore Salzburg in Austria, mainly to get the real Sound of Music experience. 🙂

The Stift Nonnberg was Maria’s home before she was assigned to become the Von Trapps new governess. Seen in the movie with the song „Maria“ and when the Von Trapp Children rang the door bell to ask for Maria to come back to them, after she had left the family abruptly.

The Abbey is open to the public every day except during church services.

Nonnberg Nonnberg1

Salzburger Residenz / Residenzplatz

This is where you see Maria rushing over the square with nothing but her purse and guitar case, singing „I have confidence“ just before getting on a bus to start her job with the Von Trapp family.

There’s a Glockenspiel with 35 bells on this square that fascinates visitors three times a day. And if you’re looking for a great place to have breakfast – Café Glockenspiel is a great option right on the square that serves delicious breakfast and great coffee.


Mirabellgarten / Schloss Mirabell

Maria and the Von Trapp children sang „Do-Re-Mi“ while walking through this beautiful garden – the start of their love for singing.

Mirabellgarten Mirabellgarten1

This gazebo was the site of two love scenes and their famous songs „Sixteen going on Seventeen“ and „Something good“. Orginally it was located within the park of Palace Leopoldskron, but it has been rebuilt at the park of Palace Hellbrunn, because Palace Leopoldskron is a private property.


Schloss Leopoldskron

One of the main film locations, as all the interior scenes of the Von Trapps house have been filmed here, except for the ballroom, which has been replicated in a studio in America. This is where the Baroness drank lemonade on the terrace, where Maria and Captain Von Trapp danced their first dance and also where the boat overturned just when Captain Von Trapp returned from his time away in Vienna.

Today you have the opportunity to stay at the Palace at fairly reasonable prices. When you want to simply visit this location, you’re not allowed into the Palace, but can take a walk or rent a bike to surround the lake. The views around the lake are absolutely beautiful. And should you be one of the visitors on a bike, you might have loudspeakers in a little basket playing the movie’s Soundtrack as you go.

Leopoldskron Leopoldskron1 Leopoldskron2

Right in Mondsee’s town center, you’ll find this pretty church that once was a monastery. In the movie Maria was accompanied to the altar by Liesl, her future stepdaughter, as she was getting married to Captain von Trapp.

Mondsee Mondsee1

Let me share one tip with you: rent a car or book a private tour when you want to visit the film locations outside of Salzburg’s city center. The official tours buses are usually well booked and you’ll find yourself rushed through the various places, often just quickly getting off the bus, taking a picture and back unto the bus. Being on the road by yourself will give you as much time as you want on-site.

Now, get the popcorn and coffee ready – I think it’s time to watch „The Sound of Music“.


Aldeburgh UK in pictures

I just spent a few hours in Aldeburgh, so I really don’t know much about it (yet). If I had to describe my impressions in only a few words, I’d chose magical, colorful, friendly, adorable and stunningly beautiful. Take me back!

IMG_20151217_132041 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-23-29-1 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-47-28-1 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-46-02-1 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-45-09-1Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-27-36-1 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-27-28-1Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-48-34-1 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-49-27-1 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-51-02-1Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-25-57-1Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-52-47-1 Screenshot_2016-01-05-15-53-33-1 Aldeburgh

Have I convinced you to pay Aldeburgh a visit? I sure hope so. Enjoy!

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